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System Requirements  

PC with Windows 10, webcam, GPU compatible with OpenGL 4.1 or newer.

Installing MEMIX

1. Click Download for Windows button at the top of this page.

2. Once it's downloaded on your computer, unzip the file "".

3. Close all applications, and run the installer called "setupMemix_1_1.exe".

4. If Windows Defender shows a warning message, click on "Learn more" and you can authorize the installation.

5. Memix installer will appear, and once you agree to the Memix license terms, click Install.


6. Wait for the the installation to finish.


7. Memix is now installed in your computer. If you run applications that use a webcam, you will now see a virtual camera called "Memix" that you can select.


When Memix is running, you will see the Memix icon in the tray bar. You can minimize the Memix window without disrupting the meeting. You can also click in the tray bar at anytime to bring the Memix window back.


To select a Memix filter, browse the catalog of filters and click in the one you are interested in.


You can optionally adjust the parameters of the filter with the provided controls, and make it active with the green "Apply" button so your meeting partners see you through the filter.

MEMIX in Zoom

1. Click on the little triangle "^" at the bottom left of your meeting window, to the right of the "Start Video" camera icon.


2. In the drop down menu, select the "Memix 32" camera. 


3. The Memix UI will appear for you to choose your filters, which you can minimize at any time.


- Alternatively, go to Settings > Video > Camera and select Memix from the dropdown.


MEMIX in WebEx

1. Click on the "..." icon at the bottom of your meeting (second to last icon).


2. Click on "Speaker, microphone, and camera" in the pop-up menu


3. Go to the "Camera" section and find the "Memix 32" camera in the dropdown menu.


4. The Memix UI will appear for you to choose your filters, which you can minimize at any time.


MEMIX in Chrome

1. Go to the address bar and introduce "chrome://settings"


2. Privacy and Security > Camera > Select Memix from the drop down.

Uninstalling MEMIX

1. Make sure all applications using Memix are closed (Zoom, Messenger...).

2. Go to Windows > Settings > Add or remove programs.

3. Select Memix and click Uninstall.


Version 1.1 - Released on May 8th, 2020.

  • Added ability for users to select the camera that Memix will use for filtering.

  • New filter - Winter colors.

  • New filter - Beautify colors.

  • (User requested) New filter - Vignetting effect.

  • (User requested) New filter - Be Right Back with Defocus.

  • (User requested) Added documentation to write custom shader (including green-screen) in shader.txt.

  • Fixed compatibility of “Custom” filter with Shadertoy shaders.

  • Fixed compatibility with old (GL4.1) cards.

  • Fixed touch screen interactions (Surface 3).

  • Fixed double null ending in custom shader shader.txt.

  • Fixed user’s mirroring expectation for “Background” filter.

  • Fixed file browsing followed with cancel action.

Version 1.0 - Released on April 27th, 2020.

  • Initial release of Memix.

  • Support for Windows 10.

  • Support for 64 bits and 32 bits applications using a webcam.

  • Filters released in this version: Normal, Black and White, Summer, Complements, Focus, Handheld, Pixelize, Film, Transmission, Zoom, Rain, Bubbles, Circles, Tunnel,  Virtual Background, Be Right Back - Spin, Be Right Back - Solines, Custom.

  • Compatible: Zoom, WebX, Microsoft Teams, OBS, VLC, Google Hangouts, HouseParty (on Web), Facebook Messenger, and other HTML5 apps on Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

  • Incompatible : Bluejeans, Skype, Windows Camera application.